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LADS Fishing

It's a way of life...

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Australian Lures, made for Australian Conditions

Welcome to LADS Fishing. Cod Season is here again, so get yourself some LADS Fishing lures to get amongst the big boys this year. Our proven winning BOOFHEAD lures come in a range of colours and designs to hook that elusive monster.

Made for Australian conditions our lures are perfectly weighted and balanced so the big fish just can't resist a strike. Available in 18+ and 30+ foot depths - our lures will help you enjoy your fishing adventures. When fishing is more than just a hobby -  it's a way of life... let our lures help create those magical moments.

Join in the fun and share your magical moments with our LADS of the Month competition by sharing your outdoor adventure photos with us on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Our lures are available to purchase online or in store with a range of options available for the most discerning of LADS. Why not match your new lures with our exclusive caps and shirts.

Where it all started

A few beers and a lot of talk. This usally applies when on the water between a couple of mates dragging lures around. But, a brief conversation about making our own lures and an idea was born. So the process begins, what size, shape, action, depth? Well, when the drawing was done - into the shed we went.

Now for the bib, we thought generic but we really wanted something to call our own. So after several months of experimentation the "BOOFHEAD" was born. Very rough, but the action was great. A trial over a weekend resulted in 5 cod and about 10 yellas, between four of us. We were over the moon to say the least.

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Catching Yellas
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With our focus aimed so heavily on catching the Mighty Murray cod, we barely blink an eye when we get that bye catch of their little Aussie cousin. The golden perch, Yellow Belly or as South Australians call them Callop. (Yeah yeah I know, South Aussie's are a bit different 😂).

You often hear ‘yep I’m on! Ahh it’s just a yella’ and you continue to troll. We have often been guilty of this ourselves and sometimes just take them for granted. But many a day on the water has been saved by these often plentiful little fish. But when you start getting into the XL sizes they can be quite fun and can get the excitement levels up in the boat on those long tough winter days.

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