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It's a way of life..

LADS Fishing

About LADS Fishing

A few beers and a lot of shit talk. This usually applies when on the water between a couple of mates dragging lures around. But, a brief conversation about making our own lures and an idea was born. So the process begins, what size, shape, action, depth? Well, when the drawing was done - into the shed we went.

Now for the bib, we thoughts generic but we really wanted something all of our own, so after several months of experimentation that "BOOFHEAD" was born. Very rough, but the action was great. A trial over a weekend resulted in 5 cod and about 10 yellas, between four of us. We were over the moon to say the least.

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Now the business name, after several changes another brief conversation with a good mate, the name LADS was mentioned, BANG, that was it. 


LADS Fishing 

Lachlan Doody, Scott Alderton, (our initials) and synonymous with our Aussie slang.

So it’s 5 years down the track, with our first lure out into the fishing world - we introduced the "BOOFHEAD".

LADS Fishing is a work in progress, but an exciting one. We want to be a part of people’s fishing dreams as well as our own. To promote a lifestyle that is built around and on the water with family and friends. 

We have many more ideas and products for the future and we hope we can help be part of everyone’s love of fishing and the outdoors, and as we say... It's a way of life...

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